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The Vision

It wasn’t long after we answered the call to start a team here in the Phoenix area that it began to rain. And rain. And rain. Our first winter here in 2004–2005 was one of the wettest seasons on record in the Valley of the Sun. Our team prayed into this and believed this outpouring in the natural was a prophetic sign from the Lord of the outpouring He is preparing for this area in the Spirit. His reign is coming!

This area has been known for decades as “the graveyard of the prophets.” The prophetic has been driven out of this region. Those who remained in faith have been hidden away. We believe God has declared a new era in this area. An era when His voice will be heard and heeded. An era when His kingdom will come and His will will be done here in Arizona as it is in heaven! It may look like revival. It may look like renewal. Or it may look like something brand new, that the eyes have not seen nor the ears heard until such a time as this.

In Isaiah 51:3, God promises He is going to make the deserts bloom. In chapters 35 and 43, He tells how the parched land will become a pool and the desert will flow with rivers. Streams of His living water are coming to Arizona, and XP Ministries is called to build a team here to help prepare the way of the Lord. We are called to serve His purposes and glorify His name by coming alongside and serving the churches, ministries and individuals who have, for years, faithfully called out to God in regards to His promises for this area. We are dedicated to helping break this region open to His glory! We are excited about taking and occupying ground for our King! And we know, just like Joshua and Caleb, that the key is in not focusing on the size of the obstacles and opposition, it is in remaining certain about the size of our God! Our eyes are locked on Him.

Our heart is to help train, equip and impart the body of Christ to minister in the prophetic and power evangelism, exalting Jesus Christ and all that He has called (and empowered through His Holy Spirit) each of us to do! We also spread the gospel through regular outreaches to His precious friends, the sinners and the lost. We feel great grace for a vision from Him to unfold through us, here in Arizona, and beyond to the nations.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is our Lord, God, King, Savior and Friend. He has an awesome plan of hope and purpose for the Phoenix area. XP Ministries is called to serve this purpose by being led of the Holy Spirit and building for Him. The team God establishes through XP Ministries will be like David’s mighty men, so focused on their King and abandoned to His purposes that we will fight for Him until the swords are frozen in our hands!

Are you ready?

Would you like to be a part of the XP Team? We are always looking for Kingdom-minded people to serve with us as part of our XP Volunteer Team.

When you become an XP Ministries Volunteer, you join our family and serve as part of the XP Ministries Team at conferences, schools, and events. You also get to hang out with the rest of the XP Ministries Team and enjoy all sorts of other benefits, too. If you would like more information about how you can be part of the XP Volunteer Team, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

Bless you!