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Robert Hotchkin

Robert Hotchkin is the founder of Men on the Frontlines and Robert Hotchkin Ministries. He also serves as one of the core leaders of Patricia King Ministries. Robert hosts the weekly Heroes Arise broadcast, co-hosts the show Propel with Patricia King, and is a regular guest and co-host of Supernatural Life on GodTV. Robert fervently believes every Christian is a miracle-working explosion of the Kingdom waiting to happen. His preaching, teaching, and ministry inspire believers to grab hold of their restored relationship with the Father through the finished work of the cross, and walk in the fullness of their authority as dominion agents of impact in the earth.

This month, Robert invites us to take a few moments where we cease from consuming or taking in all the voices and input of the world, and instead focus on simply knowing the Lord. His word and truth, certainly. But also Him…

Oh my goodness. What days we are in – truly historic. But at times, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. It seems like there is so much to stay on top of if we want to be effective in our prayers and intercession.

So much information.

So many headlines.

So much news.

So many perspectives, theories and opinions.

So many voices.

Lately, I have just wanted to say, “Shhhhhhhhh” and silence all of it, which is exactly what I have been doing.


As much as there is to pray into and intercede on behalf of right now, I have found that one of the most effective forms of prayer is silence. I don’t mean silence in the sense of just shutting down or shutting up; I mean silence in the sense of intentionally bringing myself before the Lord and simply focusing on Him. No words. No agendas – just a heart to heart, and deep unto deep connection. This is the lost art of contemplative prayer, where we quietly sit with and focus on the Lord. In this world of so many voices, sources, networks, programs, tweets, tik-toks, posts and platforms, it seems like an excellent time for us to rediscover this form of prayer.

Now please hear me; I am not talking about getting rid of decrees, declarations, and good old storming in prayer and intercession. Those are powerful and effective weapons of warfare that I love, appreciate, and still use every day. We see right from the get-go in Genesis 1 that the Kingdom of God is voice activated. When we send forth the Word of God, it never returns void and accomplishes all it is sent to do (see Isaiah 55:11). So I am by no means advocating that we swap quiet and contemplative prayer for decrees and declarations. I am suggesting that this is a great time to add this very effective discipline to our overall prayer-life.

Interestingly, the more extended moments of silent communion I have with God, the more powerful and faith-filled my vocal prayers and declarations seem to be. I think this is because the more time I spend simply being with God, the more deeply aware I am of who He is and what He is like, which then fuels the faith and certainty of my prayers and decrees.


In Psalm 46:10 the Lord invites us to “Be still and know that I am God.”  That word “still” in the Hebrew is “raw-faw” and it can be translated as “cease” and “consume.”  What a great strategy for us all right now – to take moments where we cease from consuming or taking in all the voices and input of the world, and instead focus on simply knowing the Lord. His word and truth, certainly. But also Him.

When we respond to His invitation and choose to be still like this, we push away everything but Him for that moment. And in that moment, we come to “know” that He is God – He is above it all, victorious over it all, and our answer to it all. When we know this, we truly know all we need to know. Then, in the power of that renewed awareness, we can go out and be active and effective for the Kingdom in all we do. Prayers. Intercession. Working miracles. Being a solution.  Making a difference. Reaching the lost. Arising and shining. And being true dominion stewards in the earth on behalf of our Heavenly Father.

Take some time this month to sit with the Lord. Focus on Him. Be still before Him. If your mind starts to wander, bring it back. My best tool when this happens is to simply say, “Lord I love you” and then I continue to sit quietly in His presence and bask in His fullness. It can be challenging at first so try setting a timer on your phone. Start small. Try five minutes at first and then ten. Even that small amount of time, once or twice a day, can make a huge difference in your outlook as well as your prayers and intercession.

Make these simple but powerful decrees over yourself each day this month:

  1. I am made for relationship with my Heavenly Father. (Romans 8:14-17)
  2. By His grace I will sit in His presence, be still and know Him in deeper and deeper ways. (Psalm 46:10)
  3. Thank You, Lord, that You help me linger in Your presence even as Joshua did. (Joshua 33:11)
  4. You are the vine, Lord, and I am Your branch. I abide in You, and You abide in me. (John 15:4)
  5. Lead me into the place of rest You have prepared for me, Lord. (Hebrews 4:2)
  6. I am going from glory to glory, deeper into union and communion with You, Lord. (2 Corinthians 3:16-18)

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We at Patricia King Ministries thank you for your prayers, partnership, and financial support. May you be richly and abundantly blessed. And remember, God loves you with an everlasting love!



Robert Hotchkin

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