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Patricia King is a respected apostolic minister of the gospel, successful business owner, and an inventive entrepreneur. She is an accomplished itinerant speaker, author, television host, media producer, and ministry network overseer who has given her life fully to Jesus Christ and to His Kingdom’s advancement in the earth. She is the founder of XP Ministries and co-founder of In this month’s devotional Patricia shares a very personal message on how even in the midst of challenging times when we wrestle with worry, anxiety, doubt or fear, God will turn them to the good (Genesis 50:20).

As I sit down to write what will be our first devotional of 2017, I find myself in the midst of one of the most challenging and emotional weeks I have had in a very long time. From this place, I want to share a prophetic word of encouragement with you. But first I want to share my heart…

Two days ago my husband Ron had brain surgery. I am a woman of faith. I am a woman who knows God loves us (Jeremiah 31:3), and in His everlasting love always works everything to the good (Romans 8:28). I know Jesus overcame every sickness and disease at the cross of Calvary (1 Peter 2:24); and He is, and always will be, the Lord who heals (Psalm 103:3). And yet there have been times, during this long fight in the spirit and the natural against the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease that Ron has been overcoming for many years now, when emotions have built up and I found myself needing a faith boost. Whenever that has happened, God has never failed to show up. The keys, I believe, are first to always be willing to look past any momentary fear or anxiety and be on the lookout for God’s eternal goodness and faithfulness; and second, never dismiss His encouragement even if it comes in what some might say are “small” or “insignificant” ways.

On the day of Ron’s surgery, I was at the hospital with him and a few of our friends and team. We had met with the doctors and nurses from his surgical team. Everything looked good. Ron was ready to go. We took one more moment together and then the medical team took him off to the operating room. I went and joined our friends in the Neurosurgery Waiting Room. We prayed. We worshipped. We worked on our computers. And overall I was doing well, but my husband of more than 40 years was having brain surgery. The Lord in His goodness knew that I needed a sign of encouragement. And that is what He gave me. Literally! A sign! On my way down to the hospital cafeteria to look for something to eat, the Lord found a way to draw my attention to a small sign that shared the mission statement of the hospital. It read: “Dignity Health and its sponsoring congregations are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus.” Wow! How good is God? Just when I needed a little faith boost, there it was. He had my Ron in a hospital with a reminder posted on the wall that truly Ron was in His hands, His care, and His healing ministry. Thank You, Lord!

In Acts 14:17, the apostle Paul tells us that God never leaves us without a “witness”, that there are always reminders of the certainty of His eternal love and goodness, and that He will always find a way to draw our attention to them. Whether it is a sign on a wall, the breath in our lungs, a passage of Scripture, a divine visitation, or a prophetic word – one is not a better witness than the other. They are all good because they all remind us of Him who is Goodness itself.

I believe that in this New Year the Lord is going to surprise you with reminders of His goodness. I believe that the hospital sign was not only a sign for me in that moment, but it was a “sign of things to come” for all of His people – especially those who have been wrestling with worry, anxiety, doubt or fear. What the enemy has meant for harm, God will turn to the good (Genesis 50:20). He will not only grace you to see His “witness” and reminders, but as you see those things – and rise up above the worry and fear the enemy tried to put on you – you shall be empowered to go forth as a great witness for Him (Acts 1:8), being a comfort, blessing and encouragement to any you encounter who are in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Oh what a glorious year 2017 is going to be!

 Prayer Directives

  1. God is always speaking, and He never leaves us without reminders of His goodness, faithfulness, and trustworthiness.
  2. He will give us eyes to see and ears to hear the signs He has for us – to encourage us and stir our faith.
  3. He always meets us exactly where we are. Even if in the midst of a moment of fear, doubt, or anxiety we turn our attention from Him, He never turns from us.
  4. God is good and He turns all things to the good. Whatever any one of us is going through, we will be expectant of His goodness, we will have faith in His goodness, and we shall see His goodness.

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We at Patricia King Ministries thank you for your prayers, partnership, and financial support. May you be richly and abundantly blessed. And remember, God loves you with an everlasting love!