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Dr. Michelle Burkett is an anointed counselor, equipper, and leader in the Body of Christ. Ministry is no stranger to her as she was raised in a family of respected ministers and has served the Lord faithfully for decades. She diligently stewards her professional counseling practice and currently directs Patricia King’s Women In Ministry Network, Voice4Victims, and the Everlasting Love Academy. As a dynamic preacher of the Word and committed to Kingdom life and advancement, Michelle has blessed many locally and abroad with her insightful messages and revelations of the Word.

The summer Olympics begin this month. As you know, nations from around the world send their best athletes to compete, with a gold medal as their goal. They live focused on that goal and sacrifice repeatedly to see their dream come true, to win the gold medal prize, and to represent their nation in victory.

Our Father has always focused on the GOLD that is us. He never lost sight of the glory of His image in us — even though we couldn’t see it and had lost sight of Him and who we are created to be. He put everything on the line so that we would be forever His and sent His best—His only Son. With us as the prize, Jesus said that He would leave everything in Heaven and run the race for us – a race that we had no idea how to run, much less win.

Jesus left the glory of Heaven and lived out the image of God for us to see. He modeled who we are created to be and showed us how to run a victorious race. Then, He made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, taking upon Himself all the sins that had tarnished our gold and clouded God’s image. He carried all of us and continued to run for the prize… the gold… YOU. The joy of knowing that you would be His forever strengthened Him through the final push as His race led Him to the Cross. There, all that had stained us… all the tarnish and sin was washed clean by His blood. He gave His ALL for us… He spent His life.

To others, it looked like Jesus lost the race and Death had won. But He wasn’t done yet… With all of Heaven cheering and standing to see the finish, He completely trounced His opponent, Death, in a blaze of triumphant glory. Beating Death so soundly that he was left completely humiliated. He had been completely outmatched and never had a chance against Jesus—It wasn’t even a contest. Jesus just looked down at the empty shell of His “opponent” and said, “Death, where is your victory… Where is your sting?” Death and sin were crushed by the Lamb that day. The race was won for eternity.

Wow! Not only did our sinful nature die with Jesus, but we were also made ALIVE in Him! Jesus wears the victor’s crown. He leads us in the triumphant, jubilant march to the Throne of God and presents us to our Father without tarnish, spots, or wrinkles. We are radiant, shining with the light of His glory.

How loved we are…

Love will always look to find the gold. As we have been so loved, redeemed, and restored by the One who never lost sight of His image in us… Let us, too, look for the gold in others and call it out. Let’s not stop at the places that look tarnished or turn away from each other because we “discern” something that is not so “shiny” in someone’s actions and life. Let’s run the race that Jesus modeled and reach out for the image of God in them.

Jesus, seeing through His Father’s eyes, called out the gold in Zacchaeus. Others saw a cheating tax collector, but Jesus saw a generous son who was lost (Luke 19:2-10).

In John 4:5-30, Jesus met a woman with a very tarnished reputation at a well. Instead of stopping at her reputation, He saw her searching heart and ignited her with truth. She became a fiery evangelist. In fact, her name, Photini, means “luminous.” He saw her gold.

Peter was disappointed with himself after he betrayed Jesus. He was lost and went back to his boat to catch fish. Jesus sought him out and prepared a meal for him. He didn’t focus on Peter’s mistakes but established him in love, restored him, and affirmed his call (John 21:1-17).

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, we see God calling to us… Calling out His image in us. We’ve seen the model.  What we focus on is what is going to be empowered. There is a lot of “tarnish” being spoken, focused on, and judged, and we are seeing that negativity trying to rise up, thinking it has a chance in the race. But the race has already been WON. Let’s not focus on the loser, let’s focus on the GOLD. Let’s see with the eyes of our Father! Let’s focus on Jesus in one another and continue to call it forth in those around you… and when you look in the mirror.

Can you imagine the shift in this world when we start seeing with God’s eyes, calling out His image, praying, and pressing in for those around us to know the truth of who they are, and for God’s image to grow and blossom in them? 

We are ALL shiny, radiant sons and daughters in the eyes of our Father. He sees through Love… He sees through Jesus and continues to call forth His image in us, a love and redemption that is boundless and eternal. Let’s empower the Truth in others. Let’s call out the God-destiny in others. Let’s love like Jesus and go for the gold!


  • I am precious and honored in His eyes. –Isaiah 43:4
  • I am a new creation! Old things have passed away and all things are new! –2 Corinthians 5:17
  • I have been made holy by being one with Jesus, the Anointed One. –Ephesians 1:2
  • I am perfected in Christ. Christ is my message! I will live to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth. I will minister with passion and his power flowing through me, to present to every believer the revelation of being his perfect one in Jesus Christ. – Colossians 1:28-29
  • In love He chose me before He laid the foundation of the universe!  Because of His great love, He ordained me, so that I would be seen as holy in His eyes with an unstained innocence.  –Ephesians 1:4

Your God Given IdentityA teaching MP3 from Robert Hotchkin
How powerful is it to be rooted in your God-given identity? Consider this – the Father launched Jesus into His earthly ministry by declaring over Him His God-given identity of Beloved Son. Similarly, the Lord would send prophets to anoint His kings so that they could hear who He declared they were, and live, rule and war from the certainty of their God-given identities. Just like Jesus. Just like the King’s of old. You have a God-given identity that the Lord wants to reveal to you.

Ultimate PassionA soaking MP3 teaching from Patricia King
During a conference, Patricia King was sharing a powerful message on the cross when the Spirit of Prophecy came upon her. She began to not merely teach on the cross, but to prophesy from God’s perspective the message of His love for each and every one of us. While this was occurring, Steve Swanson was also flowing in a powerful worship anointing adding sounds from heaven to the unfolding of this amazing revelation. A teaching. A soaking CD. This CD cant be categorized, but has to be heard!

Awaken LoveA teaching MP3  from Michelle Burkett

The greatest roar of love was from the Lamb on the cross. Love poured out and set our hearts on fire as we awakened to the pure and transforming power of God’s Love. Love shook the earth then, and it will shake the earth again as the Bride awakens and arises, releasing the sound of God’s heartbeat in the earth. It’s time for Love to awaken!

We at Patricia King Ministries thank you for your prayers, partnership, and financial support. May you be richly and abundantly blessed. And remember, God loves you with an everlasting love!