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The Glory School – Maricopa, AZ

Discover How to Live from the Glory Realm of Heaven Are you hungry for more of God and His Kingdom? Do you want to live from greater experiences of heavenly glory each and every day? This three-day seminar will teach you to experience the supernatural presence of God, as well as how to access His […]

Overcoming Leviathan – Free Online Event

Do you ever feel misunderstood, like no matter what you say it’s misinterpreted? And the more you try to explain yourself, the more it seems to stir up confusion and conflict? Those are all signs that Leviathan is at work in your midst. Leviathan is a high-level demonic spirit that works subtly behind the scenes […]

Unlocking Holy Spirit Power – Free Webinar

God’s plan has always been to have a people in relationship with Him who move in His power and authority as His dominion stewards in the earth. This is what you were created for. This is what you are called to. It’s time to step into it by discovering how to unlock, establish and move […]

Prophetic Night! – What is God Saying for 2022? – Maricopa, AZ

If you can’t attend in person, be sure to watch live online! Join us for an evening of God speaking and moving. Patricia, Ryan, and others will be sharing prophetic insights into the new year, and ministering in power as Holy Spirit leads! You will find the live stream on Shiloh Fellowship, Patricia's Facebook Page […]

The POWER of the Secret Place – Free Online Webinar

The Secret Place is where we connect and commune with God. It is where we are filled, fueled, encouraged and empowered. It is where we are safe, secure and saturated. With all that is going on these days, It has never been more necessary, or more important, that we enter into and live from the […]