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Go-Team Vision

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Do you remember your salvation moment?  That divine time when Jesus’s love and truth became so appealing, so compelling, so certain, so real for you that you said “yes” to Him?  Will you help us give that special moment to many, many more?

Let’s Reach the World Together!

The Go Team is all about getting the Gospel out to the multitudes through modern media.  We are going to create innovative new content and programs on web, streaming and social platforms to share the word of God and the truth of Jesus with the whole wide world.  And we want to offer it all for FREE!  There are many costs due to the equipment, production, placement, technology and streaming involved, but the lost are worth it.  None of us can do this one our own, but we can do it together.

The Harvest is Now!

Will you help us reach the lost and disciple the saved?  Will you help us go to the whole wide world for Jesus through media?  Will you join the Go Team and help us reach the masses?  The Harvest is NOW!  Let’s respond to Jesus’s invitation to go!  Let’s do it together, and give Him the precious gift of souls!

Many Benefits for You!

When you become a Go Team Partner you receive the greatest blessing of all – bringing souls into the Kingdom.  But there are other benefits for you, as well.  You’ll receive special offers on resources and events; partner-only content; monthly connection and contact with Patricia, Robert and the PKM Team; and much more!

We are inviting you to join this pioneer GO-TEAM by signing up as a monthly financial partner with a minimum pledge of $30 per month.

All donations are tax deductible and will be receipted at year end. Requests for changes to Go-Team partner information or donations may take up to 10 business days to process.


Become a GO-TEAM Partner online (Automatic Monthly Donation)

Your Go-Team partner gift can be automatically withdrawn each month for Christian Services Association. Please select one of the following currencies to make your donation.
US dollars

Canadian dollars



Become a GO-TEAM Partner by phone

Please call one of the following:

US and Canada Call toll-free 1-866-980-5464

United Kingdom/Europe Call +44 – (0)7882 – 849446


Become a GO-TEAM Partner by mail

In the USA,Make checks payable to Patricia King Ministries and mail to:

Patricia King Ministries
P.O. Box 1017
Maricopa, AZ 85139

In Canada, make cheques payable to Christian Services Association and mail to:

Christian Services Association
P.O. Box 3218
Mission, B.C. V2V 4J4

In the United Kingdom/Europe, make cheques payable to Extreme Prophetic and mail to:

Christian Services Association UK
PO Box 378
Devon TQ3 1WD


Become a GO-TEAM Partner by Auto Bank Withdrawal (Canada Only)


For automatic withdrawal, please write the transit numbers ​(or scan a photo of the bottom line of your cheque​) and email it​ to and include a note that you wish to become a Patricia King Go-Team Partner or mail your voided cheque with your note to:

Christian Services Association
PO Box 3218,
Mission, BC V2V 4J4