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As a ministry we believe in relationship. Our desire is to serve you and to partner with you for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom. We are committed to the growth of your ministry and outreach and count it an honor to serve with you.



  1. The hosting Church/Ministry receives and retains all finances from registration fees. Registration needs to include $25 for manual (however, you would pay PKM only $15 for each manual but the retail is $25). We usually charge a $50-$100 per person registration fee but the host ministry can choose whatever amount they desire in order to meet their budget goals. Minimum enrollment is 75 students but we usually have over 180 and sometimes up to 500 or more.
    Also: Cost of ‘per session’ registration is usually between $15 – $35 (for evening only) or all day – $35 – $60. Host is to determine.
    Note: Manuals are optional for walk-in’s and NOT included in their fees. The manuals are sold separately to them for $25. The host church/ministry pays $15 per manual to PKM and the remainder of the sale belongs to the church/ministry. (10 complimentary manuals will be given to the church to be issued at their discretion.)
  2. The host Church/Ministry covers airfare expense for 1 economy airfare (for the school teacher). Often one of our team members attends with the teacher to assist the speaker or to oversee the resource table. In this case PKM covers their airfare.
  3. The host Church/Ministry supplies worship team or leader, sound person, and venue.
  4. The host Church/Ministry supplies volunteers for book table, registration table, offering ushers, and other event needs.
  5. The host Church/Ministry covers the teacher’s accommodations and meals. In most cases a hotel room is appreciated. If an extra team member joins the teacher, PKM will cover any extra accommodation costs unless there are over 200 students. In that case the host will cover one team member’s accommodation.
  6. We (PKM) receive offerings every evening and morning as the Spirit leads (one of the offerings is a missions offering.) 10% of every offering is gifted to the host church.
  7. We (PKM) receive ministry partnerships on the last day of the school –usually in the afternoon.
  8. We (PKM) will send ministry product for a resource table that we will need your volunteers to operate. Our resource department will be in touch with you regarding the delivery, set up, and operation of the table. 15% of all the sales is given to the host group unless the host ministry has a different policy. A check for the 15% will be sent following the event once the product sales are reconciled (usually within one month).
  9. We (PKM) advertise on television, ministry websites, and through our email list, Facebook, and Twitter.
  10. Host church/ministry is asked to advertise in church bulletins, Facebook, Twitter,Website, and email.
  11. Registrations will be processed by the host church/ministry unless they do not have the means to do so. In that case, PKM will aid by processing registrations on their website ( and through our 1-800 number. A 20% admin fee will be retained by PKM to handle processing costs.)
    NOTE: This service is only available for North American Schools.
    A complete list of registrants with contact data will be given to PKM by the host.
  12. Intercession. PKM will assign our intercessors to pray into the school and we would ask that the host church/ministry also have a group that would pray into it also for up to three months prior to the school. An intercession outline will be sent to host church/ministry once the event is confirmed.

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