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Host an Operation Prayer Strike with Patricia King Ministries

Hosting an Operation Prayer Strike is a Partnership Between the Host Ministry and Patricia King Ministries


As a ministry we believe in relationship. Our desire is to serve you and to partner with you for the glory of Christ and the advancement of His Kingdom. We are committed to the growth of your ministry and outreach and count it an honor to serve with you.

Overview Host Responsibilities and Budget Concerns:

  1. Host will handle registration for OPS event.
  2. Host will receive all funds from registrations. We suggest host charges a $45-$100 per person registration fee for the week-long OPS event, but the host can choose whatever amount they desire in order to meet their budget goals.
    Suggested drop-in single-session registration is between $15 and $25
    Suggested drop-in single-day registration is $35
  3. Registration includes an OPS manual for each attendee. Host purchases OPS manuals from PKM for $10 per manual (retail price is $25). Manuals are not included in drop-in, single-session or single-day registrations and host can sell manuals for retail price of $25 to those attendees. (10 complimentary manuals will be given to the church to be issued at their discretion.)
  4. Host covers one airfare for PKM’s OPS leader.
  5. Host supplies worship team or leader for two sessions a day. If this is not possible then host will supply sound equipment for computer-based worship (MP3) arranged by PKM’s OPS leader. (For computer-based worship, please be sure to discuss this with PKM’s OPS leader prior to event so all connections and requirements can be discussed and finalized prior to the OPS event.)
  6. Host covers the PKM OPS leader’s meals and accommodations during the week of the event. A clean, quiet hotel room is much appreciated.
  7. Host will supply volunteers for registration table, book table, and offering ushers.
  8. Host allows PKM to receive free will offerings each day (including missions offerings). Ten percent of all offerings will be gifted to the host’s organization (ministry or church).
  9. Host allows PKM to do a “partner call” during the course of the OPS week.
  10. Host allows Patricia King Ministries to send ministry product for a resource table that we will need your volunteers to operate (PKM’s OPS leader will be busy leading each of the sessions of the event). Our resource department will be in touch with you regarding the delivery, set up, and operation of the table. Fifteen percent of all the sales is sown into the host’s organization (ministry or church). A check for the 15% will be sent following the event once the product sales are reconciled (usually within one month).
  11. Host agrees to join PKM in promoting the OPS event by sending out bulletins, posting on social media, announcing through their email list, etc.
  12. Host agrees to join PKM in praying for the OPS event. Host agrees that their intercession team will pray for the OPS school/event and leader for a minimum of one month prior to the event, and through one week after. Again and again we see that the more prayer that goes into an event by the host and their team onsite, the greater the fruit and impact of the school!
  13. Host agrees to share list of all OPS event registrants and their contact data with Patricia King Ministries.

For more information, or to book an Operation Prayer Strike with Patricia King Ministries, email