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Men of Shiloh

Mentoring and Ministry Events

with XP Ministries’ Robert Hotchkin

The church started with men who walked with Jesus in a very personal way while He taught, mentored, and poured into them. Jesus gave them a new way to look at things, a new way to do things, and a new way to approach the world and the people in it. On a daily basis, Jesus fed the men who walked with Him. He mentored them, encouraged and empowered them, all while also helping them get past any mindsets or behavior patterns that trapped or limited them. Jesus turned men into significant agents of impact for the Kingdom in the world and days in which they lived.

Another men’s movement is coming to the Body of Christ where Jesus, as the risen Lord, will again move through the land inviting men to come and follow Him. Those who respond will know His presence, know His character and nature – and they will make Him known.

Jesus is raising up another generation of men who are called to be agents of impact for the Kingdom in every sphere of society and realm of influence. Men of Shiloh is dedicated to being a support and blessing to men as we mentor and affirm them in their gifts and character so that they can be the agents of impact in every area they are called to. Our desire is to create a place, like Shiloh in the Bible, where men can meet with the Lord (and one another) in worship, devotional times, prayer, and group outings and activities.



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Upcoming Men of Shiloh Mentoring and Ministry Events

February 10, 2016 – Maricopa, AZ

March 11, 2016 –  Raise the Bar: Living in Victory as Kingdom Men – Maricopa, AZ