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Ultimate Passion

During a conference, Patricia King was sharing a powerful message on the cross when the Spirit of Prophecy came upon her. She began to not merely teach on the cross, but to prophesy from God’s perspective the message of His love for each and every one of us. While this was occurring, Steve Swanson was also flowing in a powerful worship anointing adding sounds from heaven to the unfolding of this amazing revelation.

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The Good Life eBook

You were created to live a full and prosperous life. A life filled with love, joy, peace, and blessing. You were made for the Good Life. And you can have it, no matter how life may look or feel right now!

The Good Life, will show you how you can move from where you are to where you’ve always dreamed of being. With simple teaching, fun illustrations, and easy exercises, The Good Life will help you leave the frustrations and limitations of your past behind, so that you can step into the future you have always wanted.Right this moment you are standing on the threshold of the most amazing breakthroughs you can imagine. Don’t let the past keep you where you’ve been. Begin The Good Life today!

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