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The Rising Up of Mentors
For years I have had the absolute blessing and honor of successfully mentoring many individuals in their spiritual growth and ministries. In the last two years, I reached out with intentionality to more individuals than ever because the passion to mentor grew in me beyond anything I had experienced recently. In June of this year, I launched an online, social media mentoring program where I was able to mentor 1,000 passionate believers from around the world in an 8 month program. Their lives are being transformed through the input, training, and interaction they are receiving! I am online daily with them, connecting, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring them as they are strengthened and empowered in their lives and ministries.

On August 25th, I had an encounter in the presence of the Lord where He revealed the emergence of a great company of ONLINE MENTORS world-wide. As I prayed into this encounter, I saw masses of believers crying out for someone to encourage them…someone to train them. I also saw a great company of mentors in the church, in the business realm, in media, in government, and in various spheres of influence rising up and pouring into the hungry. There were prophetic mentors, apostolic mentors, and evangelism mentors. Oil was being poured out from heaven upon mentors who would then go and empower the hungry.

Those who are being mentored will grow in their walk with God and in their sphere’s with accelerated maturity. What would have taken them 10 years to develop in spiritual maturity, will be fulfilled in under a year.

I saw social media being the main tool God was using for discipleship in this day. People were gathering from all over the world to connect with mentors using social media to impart their skills, understanding and wisdom. I saw local churches discipling/mentoring their congregations through social media teachings and connections. Entire churches were growing spiritually on a corporate level. I saw businesses raising up social media mentors in their company and as a result their companies were growing in vision, in unity, in purpose and in skill. Everything was going to a new level of success quickly.

God also revealed to me that because of the favor He is releasing upon mentoring, many who authentically love and care for those they are mentoring will arise in great number but those with wrong motives will surface also. Those being mentored will need to discern carefully the heart of their mentors. His true mentors will be those with radical, authentic, LOVE and CARE for those they are mentoring. His appointed mentors will represent His hear for His people.

I saw that many who were mentored, received the mentoring anointing and they began mentoring others. The spiritual growth we will see in this next season under mentorship will be beyond anything the church has known in the area of discipleship..

A mentor is someone who disciples. When we read the gospels we see Jesus discipling (or mentoring) His followers. Wikipedia describes mentorship as a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but he or she must have a certain area of expertise. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.

JESUS, by HIS SPIRIT is our true Mentor! He is filling His people afresh with His awesome discipleship/mentorship anointing.

Be blessed in mentorship. Mentors ARISE.

Patricia King